About Us

I am a writer and a historical researcher. I have a BA in history from the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities. I am pursuing a master's degree in American history. I am also in the process of finishing a project near and dear to my heart. My husband maintains turbo engines. We have three children--my oldest graduated high school only one class short of her associate's degree this year and is currently enrolled at a local college. We also have two younger boys who are in seventh and eighth grades.

This will be our ninth year homeschooling. We began while living in Virginia and continued after returning home to Minnesota. Returning home has had its ups and downs, but have had far more ups than downs and have learned so much.

It is the learning experiences that we have so enjoyed that we hope to share. Through the chronicles of our journey, we hope we can inspire other families to seek out educational activities, visitors who many be in our great state and, of course, other homeschooling families.