Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Joys

Christmas Day has come again and now nears a close. This year we celebrated with my family and my mom. Our family has spent many holidays with just us; many would find this odd, but it seems to work for us. I am happy that my kids get some good time with us; in the past when we have expected family, many times we spend so much time worrying about when/if others are going to show or be nice. It is nice to know that we can focus on each other. It was a nice day. We have had a good year and we are reminded to be grateful and remind ourselves that many people were not as blessed this year.

My kids and I all got some scrapbooking stuff. I am hoping that we can spend some time in the next few weeks and get some scrapping done! Our friend Mary is a scrapper as well. We both just finished calendars to give as gifts. They were fun to make, but they really helped me motivative myself and get some stuff done for our scrapbooks.

I have made some stuff in the past, but I am hoping that next years, I can use some of the wonderful materials I have in the garage and make some great gifts for the people in our lives. Alas, I have already been online looking for some more stuff to help with my projects. many to think of. I should start planning now I think!

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