Thursday, April 16, 2009

Opera at the Ordway

Last Friday we went to the Minnesota Opera at the Ordway. We saw the Barber of Seville. My mother was still with us and got to see the production as well. I was really, really impressed with my boys. It can be hard for them to sit through an hour--and this was two and a half hours long when the twenty minute intermission is included.

The Ordway is a beautiful building that is located downtown St. Paul. It border the same small park that the James J. Hill Library and the Landmark Center do on different edges of the area. We sat in the upper balcony. I actually prefer the balcony because the lower floor has so many people and I feel overwhelmed by big crowds. It was also easier for my mom who is starting to have issues walking. This week really made me think about Dad and that Mom probably won't be with me for a really long time. It was hard to have that moment of realization.

It was a good time, a great experience and I truly enjoyed the production. I would like to do another next year, but not sure the kids will buy it. They did it once and I will probably let them pass for a couple years if they really don't want to. I hope that the experience opens their hearts to things that may not be what they always first think of. The Barber of Seville is an incredibly funny and a wise choice for a first production.

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