Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter break cramming...

The last time I posted--sometime in August, my family was excited to be participating in the fair. My kids did well--bringing home many blues (and a few honorable mentions--the pink ribbons right behind the champions) both for 4-H and the Open Class. It was an exciting time for them. It was also a time of great change in my home. My daughter prepared for her first semester as a PSEO student at the local college.

PSEO--the Post Secondary Enrollment Options program is a dual enrollment option for juniors and seniors. Only public school students were allowed to enroll years ago when I participated. However it has been opened to include all students now. It is nice--she can go to campus and do all the college things. It should not be confused with Advanced Placement classes taken at school. She is currently a full time student at the college. It is most wonderful because the state covers all tuition, fees and books. What a blessing that is!!

The downside to that is a major time commitment. We have had a major change in our lives this past fall that coincided with other issues. It has been a challenge and we have experienced growing pains--but I would not say that the past several months have been bad even in the slightest bit. We have been able to do more fossil hunting, see a good football game, attend some classes and see a dance performance. We have not done many of the traditional things we have grown accustomed to doing in the fall--but I think the change might be a great thing.

Because of our busy schedules, we missed several museum exhibits. It was a delight to see my kids' excitement when they discovered that each got a gift of a museum membership and exhibit visit. This winter break will be filled with many wonderful days--a cramming of sorts that we have been putting off for quite some time. I am excited for the new year. We have another schedule that will once again allow us to have "field trip Fridays" and allow me to return to my blogging. I look forward to chronicling our visits again--with Titanic, the Louvre and Sue the T Rex, I hope our visits will excite others as well.

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