Monday, April 12, 2010

Clyde Butcher at the James J. Hill Reference Library....

The James J. Hill Reference Library is a private library that specializes in helping businesses. It is a beautiful building that retains the charm and character of a by-gone era. The library also has cultural exhibits and events that the whole community benefits from. Currently, the library is displaying enlarged photos shot by environmental photographer, Clyde Butcher.

Visiting this structure for the first time, my kids and I were pleased to see such beautiful art as a bonus. The pictures were incredible! My kids were all awestruck by his work. The works are displayed both at the Central Library and the James J Hill Library. the exhibit runs through tax day--April 15. If you are unable to get to the library, you may visit his website and view parts of it. There is also a great history of his work and how it came to be exhibited at the Jamestown Celebration of its 400th anniversary.

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