Monday, February 11, 2008

Exploring the big woods

Having returned to Southeastern Minnesota in what would have been the southern edge of the historic big woods three years ago, I have been busy caring for my family and working. I have three children, the oldest already 15. We have been a homeschooling family for five years and we love it. While we chose to continue to homeschool when we returned home after my husband left the service because we love it, we began when stationed in Virginia and found the culture shock and constant upheaval in military life not to be what we desired in our children's educations.

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VCJM56 said...

While I understand why you all left, I miss you all terribly. Though I had already started Home Schooling the previous year in my home state, doing so in conjunction with you made it an even more desirable experience. I had no idea when we met that we'd become friends that then morphed into a sisterhood. I love you and miss you, as do both of my children. I'm crying looking at the pics . You are a genuine person, no time for pretenses. You are someone that the world needs more of. As a person who has no time for lies and facades, I appreciate knowing I'm not the only person who refuses to sugarcoat the truth.

I'm so happy you have this blog. I read some of them already. Have to be up early so for now, I just want to say "Well done" and applaud your written work. You are indeed a gem.

Take Care