Sunday, March 2, 2008

Winter Wonders

This past week, my children and I were fortunate enough to have been invited by a friend of ours to Duluth. My oldest was able to ski with a friend who uses a monoski. While my daughter was able to participate a little while, for the most part, her status as a beginner and her sore feet made her hand the skis in early.

We stayed in a hotel with a very awesome waterpark. I felt privileged to be there with a my friend, Mary, and was happy to be the one to go down a watertube with her for the first time. She told me that this makes us blood brothers--an honor I truly appreciate. I was thrilled to see her daughter, Kathryn, work her way to the top despite being in a wheelchair. This girl is incredible--she swims, she skis, she rides horses and she gets herself up a ton of stairs to go down this pretty intimidating slide. I am impressed and proud.

I was equally impressed with my youngest who is petrified of heights. It took him a while, but he faced his fears. I am sad to say he didn't get his bravery from his mother--it would have taken me tons longer to battle that. I relished his giggle as soon as we embarked into the dark tube because until that moment he wanted to back out.

This trip to Duluth was incredible. Beautiful, memorable and a great time. I feel very blessed.

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