Thursday, March 27, 2008

Horses at the NAHRA conference

Last week my daughter, 15, went to her first professional conference at the Region 6 conference for NAHRA in Fargo. I cannot believe that she is so grown up. Having volunteered with a therapeutic riding program for two years already, it only made sense that she would want to go to this and learn even more about this and horses.

Several staff members drove up there with her. She learned so much; she was ablaze with enthusiasm when she came back. The people with her also taught her a lot about equipment on when they were on their way back from Fargo. They had stopped at a supply store--she found the saddle she wants to buy. (I have had to point out the wisdom in not buying a saddle until she is actually has a horse.)

I miss the days of her toddling around. I guess so many moms dread these days. I must learn to rejoice in her independence, intelligence, generosity and strength. I guess I always knew that animals would be her first love. I can only hope that I am able to do as much for my boys.

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