Monday, March 10, 2008

Music to our ears: an evening with the Minnesota Orchestra

Saturday my daughter and I were fortunate enough to spend the evening with our friends at the Minnesota Orchestra in Minneapolis. They are the same friends that we spent a couple days in Duluth--they have been an answer to multiple prayers. It was a wonderful evening.

The music was beautiful. Listening to a world class orchestra play the selections brought new meaning to listening to classical music on cds. There was a vitality that we are able to understand better now.

The musicians brought a small amount of envy from a person that cannot play any instrument. I am grateful that I have my children in piano lessons even more so now. I cannot imagine taking that opportunity away from them. I also appreciate the concerts where all of my children have gone. As my boys grow up, I know I want to be able to bring them as well.

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Farideh said...

Wow Andi !!! Bravo !!!! How very brave you are…. (Fear of height is nothing compared to what you are doing now!) Keep up the great job you are doing and enjoy your children's childhood. When my children were children, I was so occupied with tasks and tasks (most of them silly, now that I think back) that now I do miss their childhood.