Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A day of horses at the University of Minnesota Equine Center

On January 31st My daughter spent another day learning more about horses. I am really proud of her. This time she took a day long program at the University of Minnesota's Equine Center through their horse ownership program. She attended classes on horse manure, equine law and She even uses the stuff for RideAbility. She has recently begun her work on correcting issues that could become legal problems if they are not corrected.

She has gone to three previous conferences on horse behavior, therapeutic riding and horse care. She spends a lot of the money she makes on attending educational opportunities that adults usually go to. I know it is money well spent because she comes back teaching the rest of the family about what she learned. All of these things are very important for her if she wants to become a veterinarian. I think she is actually a shoe in because of her experiences.

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