Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Writing classes and publication rewards

As anyone knows, writing is work. We recently found a class for my daughter in the cities to help improve her writing. I am excited for her. The class is being taught by a former homeschooler--it helps that he understands homeschoolers. Being a former employee at a college writing center, he is also qualified to help his students prepare for college classes. The best thing about opportunities like this one are that they provide valuable experiences both for the teacher and the students at an affordable rate. We happened on his class because of an online homeschool group that we had joined a few years back.

Because of her work, she has already submitted stuff for publication and is motivated to improve her writing for both for school and future work. She was not thrilled the first time we really went over her work before submitting it to my editor, but the look on her face when seeing it in print made her reevaluate the "work" part of writing. The printed article, about my kids' state park experiences, also rewarded my boys for so much effort in their homeschool efforts.

For anyone who wants to motivate their budding writers, I suggest you find a small paper--a niche that would benefit from the submission. Though my daughter submitted the work to my employer, the major factor was that she provided a decent article to a small publication. I believe anyone doing this would find receptive publishers. This can lead to building quite a portfolio for future work.

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