Thursday, March 5, 2009

Leadership with 4-H

I love 4-H. My children have tried a couple years to find the right club without a huge amount of success. We have tried two different groups and contacted others in the past; we found this one because of my work and I think it is a huge blessing. We just went to our first meeting at our new club and I am already so very impressed with the group. They had a speaker from the county's recycling center and had several recycling activities. We have to drive a bit to get to it, but I think it will be very worth it.

Last weekend the boys went to a leadership event for younger members who may not be able to attend Project Blu--a state program for older 4-H'ers to help them gain leadership skills and experience. They made St. Patrick's Day cards for local nursing home projects, played some great team building games and met some new friends. It was a great day. Alex was supposed to go to Blu in Mankato last weekend and I was supposed to attend as a chaperon, unfortunately we were both too ill to go. We look forward to next year.

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