Friday, March 20, 2009

Underwater Adventures

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Mall of America--the "mega mall," to go to Underwater Adventures--an aquarium. Joining for the first time late last year, this was only the second time we have ever been to the aquarium.

The beginning of the aquarium is an exhibit with several animals that are found in the wild in Minnesota. It is neat to look at the really big turtle they have. It weighs 165 pounds and takes five staff members to move it. There is also an indoor waterfall. Some of the exhibits had changed from last time. There were still some rather large fish that came near the edge of the pond; it reminded us of some fish at Colonial Williamsburg that were enormous and so tame that when people came near the pond, they came up near the edge opening their mouths begging for bread. It was weird to feed fish by hand and I wonder if these fish have come to expect the same thing because of the staff.

Visiting, we can choose to either walk on the right or left for the people mover. We normally walk, but occasionally wind up on it to get around people. It doesn't take too long to get through the aquarium--but we slow down to take our time. There are usually touch tanks at the end of the aquarium. The kids got to see a star fish up close and learned about its digestive habits. The graphic information was too much for my taste, but the kids liked it.

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Alex said...

OMG! I was right there when you took that picture, why does Kyle look like that?

Cardboard Kyle=Kyle's new nickname. Sounds better when you say it out loud then reading it on the computer.