Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catching the sun with mosaics

A week ago, my kids and I went to St. Paul to Mosaic on a Stick, a mosaics studio we heard about from a homeschool group we are members of. We were kind of intimidated by the selections of materials, so we just bought two kits that had the essentials to make four small sun catchers. It wasn't a hard project, but we did make a few mistakes along the way--like leaving just a few more spaces than I did and to watch the amount of glue we used.

We really liked doing the project--it was simple and really didn't take a long time--a bonus for smaller children. The kit included pieces of glass that had already been cut so it wasn't an overwhelming beginner's projects. We really only had to glue, grout and seal them. Grouting directions are on the package and only involves mixing small amounts of water into the powder and sealing them. We were all pleased with the outcomes and we would like to do more projects. I don't know if we would do a lot of things, but a few would be nice. Maybe we can even make a few for Christmas presents.

I try to find art projects that the kids really enjoy doing. Especially as they get older, I have attempted to make sure their projects are something they can really enjoy and be proud of for a long time. Finding great projects can be a challenge if you are trying to be cost conscious, but this was a winner for sure.

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