Monday, March 23, 2009

Kids marathon at the University of Minnesota field house

Medtronic, a Twin Cities based company that manufactures health devices, sponsors the Twin Cities Marathon each fall. They also sponsor children's and family friendly events throughout the year to help promote healthier habits in children. My kids have participated in some of them the past few years.

Last month, they held an indoor track event at the University of Minnesota. My daughter is getting older and only ran in one, but the boys are still young enough and they enjoy the event. This past event was harder for them than the ones that have been held in the spring. I think part of that was due to the winter cold that kept them in more than summer.

I like these events because it encourages everyone, no matter the shape that the kids are in or if they come in first or last. Every kid gets an award. The medals are cute and have the event mascots--Shelly and Harry, on them. They usually also get a t-shirt or hat that they can wear. For me, they remind me of the track and field days at the end of the school year. So often people assume homeschool children miss out on everything--and I think the opposite is usually the case. I love homeschooling!!

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