Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shearing Sheep

Shearing day at the farm is an annual event. It comes in early spring; though I boasted spring is here over a week ago, some not so spring temperatures are supposed to be coming back for a few days. The newly naked sheep will stay warm in the barn if they do.

My family was invited by the farmers to watch the sheep shearing last Saturday. My daughter, who works for them doing chores, volunteered to help sort them as they were shearing. She manned the gate and got to watch the shearer at wor. I had expected that my sons would be too small to help, but they made sure they weren't left out either. I was amazed they even allowed them to come, kids can be hard to keep out of the way sometimes.. They can be rambunctious at times--not helpful for herding sheet. These guys have been very, very nice to my family. I appreciate them so much.

My oldest son got to climb into the wool bag and help stomp it down first. My youngest was devastated that he didn't get to do it. He eventually got a turn, but was bordering distraught about it. I felt badly, but I think waiting can be a good thing too. It is funny because a fear of being left out is not the reaction I get when I ask for help at home.

They helped skirt the wool as well. Another friend of the farmer apparently likes to pick the ickies from the fleece kept my kids company. It was wonderful to have my kids interact with so many people positively. Sadly, people are not always kind to kids and being active does not bode well with the "kids should be seen and not heard" crowd. The boys were soooo good. I am proud of them.

Afterwards, the kids were shown the small--it only has about 8 rungs on the ladder (the photo is misleading), grain bin. They got a lesson in farm safety, mechanics and the logistical need for the bin and feeding the sheep. I did nothing but drive to the farm and bring brownies, yet I was so tired.

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LillySue said...

What an exciting day for your kids! I'm so glad they all got to participate. I wonder if the sheep feel good with all their wool gone? Did you get to pet them before and after??
Blessings- LillySue