Friday, March 6, 2009

New life on the farm

My daughter works on a farm. She loves it and benefits greatly from both the experiences and the farmers she works for. One is always taking the time to encourage both my daughter and my boys. It has been great for Alex because she wants to be a vet, but my whole family has benefited from these experiences.

A couple weeks back when my daughter was doing chores when the farmers were away, a few lambs were born. Unfortunately, one also died. It was very hard to deal with emotionally. It has been easy for our society to become removed from the reality that animals provide us with life giving sustenance. The worst for me was to see something die before it has any chance to live at all.

We were all upset at the baby's death; but it gave us an opportunity to learn what farm kids usually learn from a young age--that life is temporary and we should appreciate the moments and the opportunities given us.


LillySue said...

Hi there-
Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and giving the input on adding chocolate sauce and whipped cream. You gals are truly kindred spirits!! I love the photo in your post. We foster parented two lambies a couple of years ago. Bottle feedings around the clock! My 16 year old daughter wanted to be a vet for years. She then got to a point where she realized she would not be able to deal with all the pain and grief associated with it and has switched her interest to elementary education and art. I will be back to visit again and hope you stop by again too!
Blessings- LillySue

gem said...

Hi me again. I am working my way back through your blog a little, whenever I have a few spare minutes. We fostered 2 goats a few years ago and one died. It was quite traumatic esp for one of my sons who is a it obsessed about animals. He ended up having the remaining goat sleep in his bedroom until we get another companion! They were only a few days old when we got them so we had lots of bottle feeding too. They went to Tanzania from us as part of a charity organisation called Bothar. I even ahve a few blog entries tagged "goats"! There can't be too many of them around!