Friday, March 20, 2009

Minnesota Orchestra: Jay Greenburg

Celebrating the music of Jay Greenburg, the Minnesota Orchestra played several pieces for students yesterday under Conductor, Sarah Hicks. Greenburg's fifth symphony was composed 4 years ago when he was just 13 years old. He stated that his greatest influences of the period were classical and included Tchaikovsky. His current work is more influenced with modern music, he explained. The selection was a part of a concert introducing the orchestra to the young audience. They also played other selections including the Farewell Symphony.

Orchestra hall had a large screen for students to watch close ups on different musicians playing their instruments. It was a marvelous concert. It is wonderful that my kids can go to different concerts that focus on different themes. We picked up tickets in January and went with some friends and they heard music with explanations of different music theories by Leonard Bernstein's daughter.

It is a joy to see my children not only develop musical skills and appreciation, but to see my kids grow. When we first moved home 4 years ago, my boys had the hardest time sitting for any production. Even when we went to watch the Children's Theater's production of Tom Sawyer, it was a chore to sit through. I was amazed that the story didn't seem to captivate their interest. Yesterday, they all sat through the concert. I was so impressed with them as we all watched, listened and enjoyed the selections. It was fun to watch the kids excitedly navigate through the Minneapolis skyway system to and from the parking garage, completely remembering how to get there themselves.

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gem said...

I think the thing that fascinates me the most about reading blogs of mothers all over the world is how simular our experiences are. My husband is very talented at music and plays with our local symphony orchestra. He played with the National Youth Orchestra when he was younger and recently 2 of our kids got the chance to take part in a concert with the same conductor who auditioned their Dad for the NYO 30 years ago. It was an amazing experience for them and some of the music played was composed and arranged specifically for this concert to celebrate the cross border culture between the North of Ireland and the Republic. The most amazing thing was the children's reaction to it. They were all enthralled, and some of them have no interest in music. It was wonderful to see.