Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring has arrived!

Spring has arrived in Southern Minnesota! I really miss the snow storms that reside in my memories. I had rather hoped to have another winter camping trip, but I guess it wasn't meant to be this year. Though I am sad that winter is ending, I am able to start thinking about the summer camping trip to Voyageur's National Park this summer.

We have been camping in Northern Minnesota many times, but there are several things that we seem to not be able to get to on our list of things we want to do. However, this time, I am hoping to sit back and relax a bit and get to some of them. In the past, we have always been busy with the hiking club at the state parks or other activities. This year we also really want to visit the historic Hibbing High School, the International Wolf Center, the Bear Sanctuary and an active mine on the iron range, but my kids have a habit of making my plans go out the window! It can be difficult to juggle five itineraries.

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gem said...

We are planning our holidays too, just posted about them today. Hope your kids get a chance to see some pictures from Ireland, Scotland, France and Slovakia if they are interested in hearing about life on the other side of the Atlantic. I love hearing about destinations in the Us and hope to get back there with the kids some day for a visit. Thanks for visiting!