Friday, June 6, 2008

Fear and Gratitude

This past week when my daughter was volunteering at the therapeutic riding place that we work at, I had come home. I had debated on staying and waiting for her to finish, but I was really behind on some stuff at home so I didn't.

Turns out that I missed the phone call letting me know that there was a horrible accident at the stables. My daughter was supposed to be the back rider, a person that lends stability for the riders who have the hardest time, but didn't. The horse ran forward as they were mounting and both the volunteer and the student fell off. The student is fine, thank God. Unfortunately, the volunteer was hurt badly. She has a very good prognosis, but is in a lot of pain right now. The helmet and her small stature probably saved her. I am truly upset for her.

My daughter thought she was fine, but the next day was a bit sore. I know that I cannot stop my children from becoming their own adults, but I worry for her. This is the second accident in the past month--though in fairness, I don't know of a lot in the past three years. The other happened at the barn dance last month.

There is always a spring barn dance that serves as a community function and a fund raiser for Rideability--a great time for the entire family with horse riding, food and dancing. I was side-walking with someone who was very nervous and holding the reins tightly. The reins were so tight the horse thought he was supposed to back up and tripped over himself. It was scary, but the person was okay. I was really nervous after that, but now I am doubly concerned. I worry, but the people are so helped by the horses.

I can say that even as a volunteer, my family has been truly blessed. I have found a very supportive network of people. I think everyone in my family has benefited from our contact with the group--way more than any work that we have done for them. I think we will try to visit the other volunteer in the hospital. I know she needs some prayers and visits while she recovers in the hospital. I hope I am helped in learning to deal with the nervousness I feel around the horses so I can be less worried about my kids. Time will tell--my daughter has been riding more this summer and my boys will be riding later this summer. Maybe time will help all of us.

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