Sunday, June 15, 2008

Small towns, Father's Day and the Minnesota zoo

This past weekend has been very nice. The lack of rain was good to help the flooding and also the community festivals that have begun. Miss Goodhue was just crowned on Friday. I also spent a very long time at the Goodhue Volksfest yesterday and burned badly because I forgot the sunscreen. It was a good time. We got to see a "burnout" contest where people try to burn the tires on their cars. It was an experience--not necessarily something I would have done on my own--but people seemed to enjoy it.

I spent most of the day with my daughter running from event to event and saw a bunch of people having a good time and some very cute kids. There was one girl dressed up as Little Bo Peep, leading her lamb for the children's parade. I eventually went home to get my boys and husband to enjoy some watermelon, watch families compete in some games and listen to a band call Generation that was playing. It was fun, but we went home long before the crowds gathered and before it would have been an inappropriate environment for them.

Today is Father's day. We spent a good part of today sitting around and running the kids around. While I was working, John brought the kids over to Rideability so that they could ride in the wagon to the lineup, where they were to walk over to a friend's house to meet up with us. John picked me up when I was finished with my work and while they were riding to town. We came home after a bit of trouble, but it smoothed out and we cooked out.

Right now, everyone is outside talking and playing tag with the neighbors. I can hear the boys outside my bedroom window laughing at my dog. Alex has a new friend in the little girl next door and John is talking with the guy next door. As Alex is volunteering at the Minnesota Zoo this week, I really need to get them in and ready for bed so we can be ready in the morning.

Alex started volunteering there last year after an extensive interview. She was one of a lucky few that was given the opportunity and has really taken her work seriously. She wants to become a vet in the futures so she actively seeks out opportunities to build skills. She loves to work with the horses at Rideability, the people and animals at the zoo and the sheep at her work. She has been very, very blessed to work with a couple on their small farm.

As it is Father's Day, I want to keep this short, but it has been an incredible weekend and wanted to remember the kids' excitement at riding in the wagon and the beautiful weekend that we have been able to enjoy.

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