Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The busy life

The past couple weeks has been filled with work, play, school and family. My daughter Alex has been busy volunteering at the Minnesota zoo. While there, I spent a lot of time with my boys at the zoo, Archiver's scrapbooking, the library and the playground. After the playground, we sadly had to include a side trip to the emergency room for stitches. Collin somehow managed to gash his head in a way only he can manage.

We have been out to Rideability volunteering for the parades and riders. I am looking forward to a break. We also have been busy with an equine massage clinic, riding at my friend Mary's house and trying to help out when I can. I had to break down and get some cleaning and yardwork done this week--I had neglected both and the laundry was piling up as the grass grew.

My husband's work has been crazy busy, but they will be having a customer appreciate night. It will be nice to not have to cook tonight, though I need to juggle vacation Bible school tonight with it. I had really wanted to go camping Thursday, but there is an event I really should cover this so I would have to leave late to do it. I would go the following week, however my husband needs to work and the boys will start their swimming lessons the week after that.

Sadly, I also spent time this weekend with my mother trying to help her decide to find another assisted living home. I am glad that I looked at the one she was looking at. It was truly horrible and would have been three times the price as what she is paying now. It would have been truly awful for her to make that decision based on a badly thought out "plan."

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