Sunday, January 25, 2009


Last Wednesday I took the kids to Verticle Endeavors in the cities. It was a wonderful experience for the kids and I really enjoyed watching them climbing walls while hooked up to safety harness and pulleys that slowly lowers them to the ground if they slip. My mom asked me a couple weeks later if I allowed them to climb the outsides of buildings. ummmm?? In case the need even remotely exisits, I would like to clarify and confirm that no, they do not climb the outsides of buildings. Kyle is petrified of heights, but knowing he was safe helped him and even he hooked up to climb.

I of course, took many, many pictures. Collin was thrilled to start climbing during their safety lesson. It was wonderful to watch his excitement. It was nice for him to burn some of his energy off in a such a positive way. Alex hesitated going up, but climbed up pretty far on the "easy" (her words, *not* mine) wall. I snapped a picture when she was climbing. I was glad I did, because she hadn't realized how far she went up.

I think it made them--and me more comfortable knowing that they were safe. They even have an area upstairs where the kids can try climbing without a harness. I knew Collin was safe because of the thick matting at the base if they did fall. It allowed them to try boost their confidence in themselves. When Collin went up the wall at the Renaissance festival, the other two wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. I love watching them--scrapbooking the pictures will be fun too.

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Alex said...

Thanks for posting the butt photo, Mom. I'll get you for that. :P