Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Traces: documenting the WWII POW experiences in Minnesota

Traces museum, which had been located at the Landmark center closed last November. A truly sad day, not just Minnesota lost with this institution's doors closing. Dedicated to several lesser known parts of World War Two, the museum worked to inform people both about what American men suffered in German POW camps, and how, through compassionate treatment, German POW's in the United States had to address the differences between what Germans had learned to expect because of propaganda at home and the realities of the treatments they received here while removed from their homeland.

It is unfortunate that I waited to visit the museum. Upon looking for the hours tonight for a planned visit tomorrow. I was sad to discover it was too late--reminding me once more to try to make efforts to seize the moment because moments may not be there the next day. I learned of this museum two years ago when visiting a function at the Landmark and I had always intended to go back, too busy to make the time tight then. I am sad and it truly is a loss--not just for the Twin Cities, the region, or the United States. This organization really had significant impact.

I hope beyond any measurable intensity, that the mission of Traces survives. People may still visit them online. I wish them all the best.

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