Monday, May 18, 2009

Climbing adventure peak

After the boys ran at Como, we still had some time before their sister was done at the zoo. We decided to go to Edinborough Park in Edina. The indoor park has a pool, a gym with scooters and a inflatable bouncing gym--but we go for the climbing gym named Adventure Peak. We only go a couple times a year, but each time we have gone has been a great time.

It never takes long for the boys to get lost inside of it. I climb a little with them, but I don't last nearly as long as the kids do. Saturday was extra nice because it was the first time that my husband got to go with us.

Weekdays are definitely less crowded. At first I thought we may have made a horrible mistake when I saw how many people were there. It turned out that it wasn't too bad. We seemed to find a nice time between the morning rush and the birthday party kids who came in after eating. It was nice to get in at a good time.

We have been amazed at the number of things that have been added the past couple years. Since each of our visits are so far apart from each other, we notice the things that they add and it has grown. There are a bunch of indoor parks in the Twin Cities--but Adventure Peak would be really hard to beat.

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