Monday, May 11, 2009

A Day at the Fitzgerald with Ballet Minnesota and the Minnesota Dance Festival

May 8th, the kids and I went to the Fitzgerald Theater in Downtown St. Paul to watch the school performance of Minnesota Dance Festival. Dances included selections of LaBayadere and Beethoven's 9th symphony. It was wonderful to watch--we really enjoyed it. We have gone twice before and seen selections of Swan Lake. I am torn. We have really enjoyed the performances. However, we experienced repeated problems trying to just sign up for the event and I don't think we will be going again. It seems silly to spend as much time as I did when I can just order tickets to the Ordway performances without the hassle and drama. Ordway tickets are less expensive too. Seems like switching is a win-win situation.

The Fitz is a wonderful historic theater. We were even lucky enough to be able to sit whereever we wanted because the theater wasn't that full. The smaller groups were told they could sit upstairs and we did. Initially we sat in normal seats, but then we were allowed to move to the boxes. What a cool experience sitting in the private area was. It is kind of surprising to see the stage so closely. I am especially grateful to have had it if we really don't go back next year.

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