Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The cookie monster would be jealous: preparing for the hog roast

Wow, time flies when the modem breaks and you get busy! We have had some great fun the past few weeks.

Last Friday my kids helped make cookies for the county's 4-H fundraiser. This is an event that is planned all year and takes three days of actual cooking and work to pull off. Friday was the beginning of the cooking preparations for the hog roast. The roast serves about a thousand people Sunday. The kids helped to prepare the sheets for baking.

They also helped remove the cookies from the sheets, stack them up and place tables and chairs out for the people to eat at. The Lions donate their use of the building and kitchen. This is pretty much an all day affair. We got to break at noon and share a meal with the cooks who have been doing this for years and years. The women there were incredibly nice and I really think we got the best job of all. So many others were working at clearing tables and doing dishes among all those people...we had a nice slow pace and were rewarded with very yummy cookies!

All in all, while we enjoyed the day and had a great time, we were still very tired. The kids helped set up the tables, chairs and prepare 1080 cookies. We had tables and tables of cookies and even when stacked, we had tables of them! Right before we left, they had a chance to have some fun and take a break with the other homeschooler that helped out that day. What a great time we had helping the county make about $20,000 that day.

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