Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One last visit to the Children's Museum

It has been quite a while since my family has gone to the Minnesota Children's Museum. We always loved it there--it is definitely the best and the biggest one we have ever been in. Visitors can spend hours in the multi-floor museum. The last time we went, it was winter and the newest addition--a rooftop play area was closed for the season. It was something we always wanted to do. The museum has had funding to allow people to attend the museum the third Thursday of each month at no cost because of a grant from Target.

This past Sunday was beautiful outside and I thought it would be a perfect day to drive up there. We immediately went upstairs to the rooftop. It was a very cool area where kids could play; however, it was not what we had thought it was and was designed for much younger children. We looked around, snapped a few pictures and went downstairs.

The ant hill is a climbing and exploring area that has been in the museum for years. My daughter even remarked about how that was always her favorite part. We thought about playing one last time, but decided against it. Sadly, children grow up--and mine have definitely outgrown the Children's Museum. I am glad we went and saw the rooftop since we were curious, but we really only spent about 15 minutes or so in the museum. We decided it was a much better idea to find something else to do. My consolation for my kids growing up is that we get to do the things we used to not be able to. I was relieved that we only paid for parking in their ramp that day.

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