Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hiking with the NSTT

When we finished the hiking club walks at the Minnesota State Parks, I was truly sad. I had enjoyed being there and really liked that we spent time together as a family doing something good for us. I was really upset over trying to figure out what to do with us now that our mission had been completed. Right near the end, I heard of a hike that they were doing up north and we made plans to attend. We were drawn in immediately. I liked that we could work on new awards with the American Volkssport Association and meet some new people. The particular club we are involved with is the North Star Trail Travelers--they do events at the our state parks.

It was even better because we have spent so much time in our parks and we had gotten to know them. Each time we learn something new. It is great. Even our dog loves the hikes. I think it is amazing that there have been times we have hiked so much we have actually worn him out--as a part husky--they have endurance that just doesn't seem to quit.

At the end, we get to gather our pin for doing the hike. This year's award banner is a boot. We earned a pileated woodpecker and dream catcher pin for our hike and our work at the Sakatah State Park April 25th. It was a nice hike and we had a great time. There haven't been a lot of kids at the events, but I think that may be changing. These events fit so nicely in my homeschooling philosophy--that our generations are so interconnected and that it is sad that so often our youth is detached from our elders in our culture. However, this is a wonderful and I so love it. My only sadness that our next event is so far away because the organizers need breaks too. I guess I will have to find events at other clubs to keep me busy until then.

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