Sunday, May 10, 2009

Paper marbling and journal making at the Center for Book Arts

On Friday, May 2nd, my kids had the opportunity to take two more classes at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts. We discovered the center changes it exhibits. This exhibit intrigued us, our favorite piece was a water color picturing a cute polar bear holding the earth on its shoulders. Sadly, it was standing on a small, melting ice cube with smoking city stacks spewing pollution.

That day they took both a paper marbling class and making a hardcover journal. They first took marbeling and made some prints and hung them up to dry. We learned that the most basic print is the stone pattern. They were able to also make other patterns that build on that basic pattern using metal combs. It was very cool. Finally, they were shown how they can use a chopstick and make their own designs.

The papers were placed into the paper press after they had dried completely. This allowed the paper to lie flat. When the paper was marbled--it is really a unique way of painting the paper and the paper got very wet in the process. As it dried, it curled.

During the second class in the afternoon, the kids made a hard covered journal. It was very similar to the soft cover book they had made a few months ago. They started by covering chipboard with the specialty papers they had. Then they made a signature--the eight pages that are sewn together to form the interior and then glued it to the covers. We really enjoyed the day and really look forward to the other two classes that we have signed up for that will be held next month.

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blueditty said...

Would love to see the marbling results!