Sunday, May 17, 2009

Running in the park: Kids marathon

Saturday was a busy day for us. After dropping my daughter off at the zoo for training, we went to Como Park in St. Paul to do the Medtronic kids marathon. This is 3rd annual run; my boys have run in all of them so far. The run is to help encourage children to develop healthier habits. My boys ran with their older sister the first two years. I loved watching them. They have the choice of running a half mile, a mile or--added this year, two miles.

I can't believe it. Last year was hot. I am not a fan of the high temperatures. However, this year--it was a bit nippy. We got registered right before they ran and they ran quickly. I was surprised when they were finished. My older boy got his medal right away. My youngest was a little behind him.

After, we went to say hi to Shelly and Harry. My youngest got challenged to a race. There is a bag lunch--nothing fancy a jelly sandwich. Well, I get the jelly sandwich--the kids always get PB&J. Since it was so chilly, we ate in the car and I got to smell their peanut butter while I choked down the jelly. I really loathe the combination so smelling their sandwich while eating jelly really got to me. My boys thought it was hysterical. Such a short moment, but the boys seemed proud of themselves. I was happy they did it.

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